Adv. Rishabh Gandhi

"Veena understood my exact requirement and handcrafted a beautiful piece of a foldable table top lectern. I use it in intervals when I am addressing the gathering and fold it while sitting down. Teakwood made it sturdy and hinges (almost invisible) made it supple. The design is ergonomic, material is durable, walnut color has a great finish and cherry on the cake she engraved my law firm’s name on it. Delivered beyond expectations! I would always recommend her for handcrafted furniture."

Dr. Sanjoy Chatterji

"Veena is an expert and specialist in wooden furniture design - she completely understands & is respectful of the inherent qualities of this specific craft. We commissioned Veena to send a table, six chairs & a chest over to London. Veena approached the entire collaboration with complete professionalism and listened carefully to our brief, involving us at every stage of the process. The final product was finished to perfection and uniquely personalised, crafted with love & attention. In a world of mass-produced pieces & ubiquitous furniture without character, heritage or personality, Veena cuts through the noise with clarity & differentiation."

Shrabani Aditya

"The beauty of Veena’s products lie in her design flexibility and usability quotient which she incorporates by being open to customer requirements. Prompt, punctual and the ability to cater to varying needs makes me reach out to her for customized furniture."

Capt. Ajay Badamikar

"Bespoke furniture with a unique blend of antique and modern styling. Veena has a professional approach to each piece; giving attention to minute details for a small job as well as efficiently working on large projects."