Eames Chair

Art is much more than painting and sculpture.

We build furniture to be used, but the aesthetics of furniture design is actually a unique art form all it’s own. It  has been one of the most important forms of functional art in human history.

The Eames Chair, is a very special chair that played a very important role in the history of American furniture art.

Every generation seems to develop a new take on the timeless concept of objects-you-can-sit-on, but one of the most influential in American society was the Eames Chair. It’s a masterpiece of fine art, and comfortable.

When art historians look at furniture and home décor as art, they often look at the designs of the rich and powerful. The Eames challenged this notion, creating designs that were no less artistic despite being marketed to everyday folks.

Reference – www.Study.com , written by Christopher Muscato.

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